Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A couple of classes you may be interested in...

I saw a few of you last week and Saturday and we had a little chat about things people wanted to do. So:

Saturday 29th October 2pm - 5pm. Christmas Stamp a Stack.
Make 12 cards. 2 of 6 designs plus envelopes £15. Blackness Community Hall. With this class, you'll also get a packet of the NEW GLIMMER brads.

Please book 21st October to enable me to get the supplies and prep for the class.

and...drum roll...a CROP Saturday 10th December 10am - 5pm. Blackness Community Hall.
I'm not totally sure of the cost yet as it comes down to numbers. If you want a class kit included, let me know and I can come up with something. I'm hoping we can do this for around the £10 or with class £15 mark.

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